SmarterMail 16.x

Smartermail a true Microsoft Exchange alternative for Business and Personal use

SmarterMail 16.x Configuration

- Use your own domain name
- 1 to 111 email accounts
- 2 to 302GB disk space pool

- Unlimited email aliases*
- Unlimited Domain aliases#
- Disposable email addresses
- Autoresponders
- Email signatures
- Plus addressing supported

- Webmail for PC and Mobile
- CalDAV and CardDAV supported

- SSL/TLS encryption
- DKIM supported
- SPF supported
- Greylisting supported
- Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus

- Share contacts
- Share calendars
- Create user/distribution groups
- Connect to remote storage Google, Dropbox and OneDrive
- File storage and sharing

- Domain and User management
- Global email signatures
- Domain and User reports
- Allocate disk space per user
- Deny/Grant connectivity type by user

Optional Addons
- Add Users
- Add disk space
- Microsoft Active Sync licences
- Microsoft Exchange Web Services

* email aliases can also be used to send emails so we limit to 2 per email account
# with domain aliases any emails sent to any aliased domain will be delivered to the user part of the created email address i.e john-doe@

SmarterMail 16.x SMTP Only

We can provide an SMTP only service as either your primary of backup SMTP service.

Please contact the sales team with details of your requirements.